5 Best Things To Do After Your WordPress Installation

So you are a blogger or beginner web designer and you just managed to install WordPress successfully. Great! But what’s next?

You’ve got a precise idea of how your website should look like and what content you’re going to insert or create and you can’t wait to start working on it.

I know, it’s tempting… But before you start to work on design and content whatsoever, you should realize you are working on a new website from a scratch. And thus you should set up the most important things which will guarantee you smooth running, protection, statistics and higher ranks.

In terms of creating a real quality and reliable website, you should definitely take steps to protect it and set it up for upcoming years of service.

This is why I created this tutorial called 5 Best Things To Do After Your WordPress Installation. It will help you to orientate in the key things which I certainly recommend upon fresh installation:

  1. Install and set up WordFence Plugin
  2. Install and connect Google Analytics
  3. Install and connect JetPack
  4. Install Yoast SEO plugin (or another SEO plugin)
  5. Install and set up Fastest Cache Plugin (or another cache plugin)

Note: None of these recommendations are not affiliated with me in any way and it’s solely based on my own experience and effort to help.

Let’s now take a look at every single plugin and reason why to install it.

1. Why use Wordfence?

Wordfence is a WordPress security plugin with free and premium packages. It helps you to protect your website from getting hacked. They also offer to solve your problem even if you already have been hacked.

As a user of a free version of the plugin, I was surprised how much this plugin offers. You can setup email reports every time when someone logs into the dashboard. You are also alerted about how many IP’s and from which countries were trying to access to your WordPress website.
Wordfence also sends you an email whenever there are new updates available for plugins or themes on your WordPress.

From whatever reason, you think you can’t be hacked, think again.
This is the report which Wordfence sent me on one of my website I have recently finished for a client:

From this reason, Wordfence is literally the first plugin which I install when starting to work on a new project.
It’s not the 100% protection but it is a huge difference!

2. Why use Google Analytics

Google analytics brings you detailed statistics about your visitors and their behavior on your website. When it comes to visitor statistics, I personally like JetPack statistics more. They are clearer and more accurate to me, but on the other hand, Google Analytics offers other features.

First of all, if you have connected your Google Analytics together with the Google Webmasters, Google is able to recognize you as a verified owner of your website. This helps to your rankings in this search engine.

Also, if you plan to build a website or blog which you plan to sell, the prospective buyers will require a Google Analytics report from the day 1.

If you want to install Google Analytics to your WordPress website, you can do it manually or use a plugin.

I am using plugin called Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

If you prefer not use the plugin, then you can also set up Analytics manually on this tutorial.

3. Why use Jetpack?

Jetpack is a really useful plugin with lots of features.
It helps to protect your site from spamming and offers you detailed statistics of your visitors and their behavior on the website. It also reports you if your website has a downtime. Furthermore, this plugin comes with a ton of features like image tools such as tiled galleries, content editor, subscriptions, custom sidebars, sharing tools and much more.

You can use it free as long as you set up a new account at Jetpack.

4. Why use SEO plugin?

SEO  or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important things related to running any website.
You can have a king content but as long as you don’t manage your SEO, you will be lost in the sea of millions of website out there.

The importance of SEO lies in the right written text with appropriate keywords and also in creating good meta descriptions.

SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO will help you to look at your content from a different angle.
Right now as I am writing this post, I can check what Yoast thinks about my text. For example, it says that I’m using too long sentences and I’m using a passive voice too much. Or that I’m missing alt attributes in the images, which is also very important in the SEO.

5 Best Things To Do After Your WordPress Installation SEO, Yoast SEO, 5 Best Things To Do After Your WordPress Installation

In short, Yoast helps me to write more SEO friendly and better posts.

5 Why use Cache Plugin?

Cache plugin will significantly higher the speed and performance of your website. It is very important as you can lose many visitors when your page is loading too long.

When a user visits a WordPress website, the website loads PHP requests which are then recalling data from the database and this action takes server resources. This is much more complicated process than loading a simple HTML website.

page cache

But cache plugin creates static HTML files from dynamic WordPress files.

If you still don’t get it, try it on your own.
Go to PageSpeed Insights from Google and make a speed test of your website.

Then install a cache plugin such as WP Fastest Cache or W3 Total Cache.  Minify all your CSS and Javascript files in settings. Allow caching of all pages on your website. Cache all your website and return to PageSpeed test again.

Run the test and compare the results. How it went?

These are the 5 main plugins I always install upon new, fresh installation of WordPress. Do you have some favorite plugins which you consider as necessary after initial installation? What are they?

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