How To Edit Footer Text Of Any WordPress Theme – From Your Phone

In this article, I am going to show you how to easily edit footer and adjust copyright text practically in any WordPress theme.
It is so easy, you can even do it right from your smartphone.
And to manifest it, I’m going to show you how I did it from my phone.

The result of this post is shown on the very bottom of this website 🙂 Like it?

First of all, we need to explain how WordPress works:

WordPress is divided into 5 main sections:

  • header.php (includes the code for header which is menu, logo and or title etc. = top of a website)
  • footer.php (includes the code for copyright text and footer widget area in the bottom of a site)
  • index.php (includes the code for anything between a header and footer = content)
  • sidebar.php (includes code for a side of a content area)
  • style.css (it gives a visual appearance to a code)

So logically, if we want to edit the copyright text, we need to edit the footer.php file.

But before we start editing, there is one important thing which you need to do:

Creating a Child Theme

You have to create a Child Theme of your current theme. Because all your edits you make on the current theme files will be automatically lost with the updates. And you can’t avoid updates when using WP.

That’s why you have to create and activate the child theme of your theme and then edit the footer.php file of this child theme.

So first of all, we need to create the child theme which is very simple – I am using Child theme configurator.

Go to plugins > Add new plugin and search for ‘Child Theme Configurator’

How To Edit Footer Text Of Any WordPress Theme - From Your Phone
Install and activate plugin.

Then go to Tools > Child Theme and create a Child Copy of your active theme.

Once your child theme is created, preview and activate it.

Then go back to the Child Theme configurator and choose the ‘Files’ from the menu.

Copy footer.php to the child theme.

Now you are ready to change the copyright text.

Go to Appearance > Editor and select the footer.php file

Once you open the footer.php look for the  code which states “”

and comment it out using // which means you will disable this section of code.

Code structures may be different in other themes – so if you can not find exactly the same code, look simply for the code which states “site-info” in the class theme and comment it out using “//”.

Right under this disabled code, put this code and replace the website URL with your website URL.

&copy; 2017 <div class="copyright"><a href=""></a>

You can also add any other desired text.

Update file and preview your website.

In case anything went wrong, you can still delete the child theme file of footer.php in the Child Theme Configurator plugin. By deleting footer of a child theme will be activated the original file and all editing will be deleted.

How it went?  Did you edit your footer successfully?

In the case of any trouble, comment here and I will help you to resolve your issue.

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