How To Manually Install WordPress – Super Easy Tutorial

If you have a good web hosting provider, you will be able to install WordPress quickly via automatic installs provided as an extra service which comes with your web hosting package.

However, some cheaper web hosting providers don’t have this option of comfortable auto installs.
Or you might want to manage your data like WordPress login, passwords, database name, user and database password on your own.

Whatever are your reasons for a manual install of WordPress, I have prepared for you this tutorial How To Manually Install WordPress – Super Easy Tutorial for your convenience.

Let’s begin:

1.  Go to

Go to the and download the latest WordPress installation in a .zip format.

How To Manually Install WordPress - Super Easy Tutorial


2. Create a database

Login to your web hosting account and access your cPanel.

Select “manage database” or other similar section where you can create and manage a new database:

How To Manually Install WordPress - Super Easy Tutorial

Create a new database and a new database user. Then assign the user to this database. Select “all permissions” when assigning a user to the database.

Hint: Make a database name and a database user the same name for better remembering.

Save the name of your new database, database user, and a password. You will need it later.

3. Access Your FTP

After creating your database, go back to your cPanel and click on a File Manager. You should be transferred automatically to your FTP.

Open “public_html” directory – this is where files of your website go to.

Now upload the downloaded WordPress file in a .zip format.

Once the WordPress file is uploaded to your public_html directory, select it and extract it.

Make sure you extract it right to the public_html directory.

Done! The Files of WordPress are successfully placed where needed, now we can process to the final stage which is the installation of WordPress.

4. Install WordPress

Type the URL of your website – There should be a WordPress installation manual. Select the language and then prepare your database name, username, and password.

Type your database name and username whole together with the prefix “_”.
Leave the localhost and wp_ as it is. Most of web hosting providers have a database host as a “localhost”. If your web hosting provider doesn’t have a localhost as a database host, then contact your provider and ask about it.

Run the install.

All done! Set up your new WordPress website – Type the name of your website, username, password and email.
Make sure you save this information! You’re gonna need your username and password every time when you will need to access your WordPress website.

Click “Install WordPress” and you’re good to go.

You will be able to access your WordPress dashboard of a website on your website URL + /wp-admin:

For an example:


So how did it go? Have you managed to install your WordPress successfully? Tell me about it!


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